Increased awareness has successfully underscored reflection and positive action on climate change, mental health, sexual violence and racism (think #metoo and #illridewithyou). A History of Violence hopes to provide this reflective space for domestic violence as well.

Through the #HowCanIHelp hashtag, our aim is to promote internal and external discourse so domestic violence is brought to the front of our minds.

By shifting the burden of domestic violence from the private to public sphere, our goal is to encourage people to recognise potential victims, and offer them a pathway to safety, before they become a casualty.

We also want to create a safe space where victims of domestic violence feel empowered to speak out when in an abusive relationship.

Finally, we are thrilled to announce a support network for domestic violence victims. While they may not be prepared to discuss their circumstances openly through #HowCanIHelp, we offer them an email service with a direct link to specialist social workers. All contact will remain strictly confidential.

The staggering number of instances of domestic violence, and continually failing legislation against it, indicates it is something that needs a cultural overhaul. Everyone can play a part in stopping domestic violence. Let it start now.